Fiver DIY

Think it

Step One: Think It!


The first step is Think It!

Children will use the workbook to draw or write down as many business ideas as they can think of that they could start with just £5. They will then create a name for their business and design a logo.

Allow children time to think of their business idea. Ask them to think of businesses they already like – how would they improve it? They could start a business using their skills and hobbies – do they enjoy painting? They could sell their artwork! Do they love pets – they could start a pet-sitting business! Can they think of a way to make an impact within the local or wider community and help people in need?

Once they have their business idea, they’ll need to create a business name and design a unique and eye-catching logo that showcases what the business offers, developing their creativity skills.


What your children will be doing

  • Decide on a product or service for their business
  • Think about a business name
  • Design a logo


Resources for Think It!