Fiver DIY

An Introduction to Fiver DIY


Fiver DIY is a fun way for children to imagine what business children could create with a hypothetical £5 note in four steps, whether at home or at school.

During the project children will use the workbook to complete activities such as creating a business name and logo, doing market research, planning their products/service and finishing with writing and presenting a sales pitch to someone in their house. The project is designed to be completed with minimal supervision and we have provided all the resources you need for your children to take part.

Fiver DIY differs from the Fiver Challenge as it is a hypothetical project that doesn't include any physical handling of money, and is available to be delivered all year round, over a timeframe decided by the school or parent delivering the project. This allows children of different abilities to work at their own pace and dedicate as much time as they need to each step.  Fiver DIY can be used as a stand-alone project or as a way for children to kick start their business ideas, so they are ready for the Fiver Challenge.

For parents supervising or delivering Fiver DIY, check out Top Tips for Parents, on how to keep your children engaged and having fun throughout the project.


Resources for Introduction